Portland Timbers

10 on 10 - November

It's the 10th! Woop woop! This month I'm taking you all deep inside the Timber's Army (TA). Once you're done soaking up all the green and yellow, head on over to see the other great photogs that are participating in the 10 on 10 project. As always, their links are listed at the bottom of the post.

For those of you that aren't from Portland, or may not be into soccer, the Timbers are kind of a big deal. It's Portland's MLS soccer team. This year is their third year in MLS, and this is their first year making the playoffs... and the crowd goes wild!

My husband may very well be the one of the biggest Timbers' fans that ever lived. Normally, sports for me are 'meh. I mean, I get the strategy and love to play myself, but come on, isn't it all the same after a while? All that being said, I hear about the Timbers so often that I've been converted too. And in the franchise's defense, the Timbers' fan base is probably the most authentic, unconditionally supportive fans I have ever seen. This city LOOOOVES their team. The stadium used to be filled even back in the USL (United Soccer League = one step down from MLS) days. That's impressive considering that Americans in general don't tend to care about soccer or even know most of the rules.

Tie all that up, and the bow on top of it all was that we played (and beat) the Seattle Sounders in the first round of the playoffs. Hold on, let me correct myself. We kicked the Shittle Flounders out of the playoffs! The Sounders are definitely our biggest rival because in many ways the franchises are complete opposites. To say the least, the Timbers' Army had a fire lit in their belly for Thursday night's game.

There are great photographers like Craig Mitchelldyer  who take amazing photos on the field, but for this month's 10 on 10, I wanted the take the camera into the stands and give you all a little taste of the TA from the inside.

And now that you've seen a little more about the Rose City, head on over and check out all the other 10 on 10ers around the country. They are all fantastic, so get excited!

Until next time...