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10 on 10 - January 2016

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Last month, the mountains, this month, the ocean. I've been in Oregon for almost 12 years now, and it still blows my mind that one state can house so many diverse and incredible landscapes. Before we get to that though, as always make sure to check out the other 10 on 10ers listed and linked below

...there may or may not (but definitely will) be a new, little baby in the mix for coming 10 on 10 posts!! Congrats Lelia!! And, we have a new member. Welcome Jennifer (Satin Sky Photo)!!





In other news: new year, new car! Our 1999 Rav-4 is gone to make room for a new one. What does that mean? Road trip! On Jan. 1st (that's right, I jumped right in to the new year), we took my new hog for an afternoon trip to the coast. It could not have been a more perfect day to make the jaunt from the city.

I've got to tell you though, this month, I feel a little guilty posting these photos. In the photography industry, sunset photos are kinda cheating, because well, it's hard to get a bad photo of a beautiful sunset over the water. But whatevs, I'm cheating. The sunset trip to the coast was just too dang pretty not to share. ...plus one of the things I love about the Oregon Coast is the juxtaposition of people wearing winter clothes at the beach.

Days like this make me very thankful for what I have in my small little piece of the world. Thankful for my family and friends who will take an unexpected day trip. Thankful to be able to enjoy this beautiful state. Thankful for this business that I'm really excited to grow more in 2016. Thankful for being able to buy a new car to take me to the beautiful coast, and thankful to be able to take the time to soak in all the goodness and beauty of this moment, and to simply exist.  

Until next time...

10 on 10 -December 2015

So... All week I had it in my head that tomorrow (Friday) is the 10th. As it turns out, the 10th is today, so for the first time in about 2.5 years, I'm late in my monthly post. Oops. Sorry fans. Before we get going on some snowy trails though, take a hike over to the other 10 on 10ers and see what they had going on this last month.




Our tradition for the day after Thanksgiving has long been to go snowshoeing on Mt. Hood. ...and when I say snowshoeing, I actually mean we walk a pretty slow, 2-ish mile hike and stop to take lots of photos while we have rented snowshoes on our boots. Technically it counts as snowshoeing, but probably on the lower end of the spectrum.

This year we had just barely enough snow on the mountain, so we made tried to make it count.

Hopefully you all had a great turkey day and did something fun to #optout the day after as well. I'm glad we got out when we did because the sun hasn't been seen here in Portland since. Holy raining, batman!

I promise I'll be on time in 2016. 2016!! Can you believe it?!

Until next time...

10 on 10 - November 2015

Courtney Z Photography

I'm not going to lie to you all, this month I'm a little unprepared for the 10th. I did take more than 10 photos on certain days throughout the month, but I wasn't able to be quite as intentional as I normally try to be. This month I'm a little sporadic. Before we get to that though, make you check out the other 10 on 10ers

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Back to the goods.

This past weekend we again had our sweet little niece. I also had had a few holiday mini session scheduled at Furrow Farms (The Furrow family is the sweetest ever, btw. Go get your tree there if you're in the area). Oh, and it was pouring rain the whole time. It like Mother Nature remembered that we've been missing our normal rain for the past six months and decided to drop it all at once. I'm a fan of a good downpour though.

That's all for this month. I have a few tricks up my sleeve coming at the beginning of the year, so stay tuned. 2016 is shaping up to be pretty awesome!

Until next time!