"Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans."

-John Lennon                             


A note about life:

Life is a long trail of work. I'm talking like -climbing the to the top of Yosemite- type of trail. Sometimes it's incredibly rewarding, sometimes it's incredibly frustrating, but all the same, it's work. And I say this because since life = work, people often get caught up in web of life. Now I'm making a spider reference here, people. Try to keep up. It's like day after day, year after year, you work to make all of these connections, to make each day and year better than the last, but it's not often that people will take the time to step back and look at this beautiful thing that they have created.

Enter Courtney Z.

I really believe that life is awe inspiring. Sometimes I look around at what I have in my life right now: a kick-ass husband, some incredibly supportive friends and family, an in-progress house (which to, me is better than perfect, because I love me a good house project), and the ability to follow this passion of documenting others' lives. I look at all that I have, and I think to myself "How did I get so lucky?!" Seriously.

What I strive to do, is to give you a moment to remember. Something that you will love now, but something that you will love even more in 15 years. I work to help you step back and cherish what you have in life, what you have worked so hard to create. I want to give you something that will span generations and that your kids can point to and show their kids; "This is my mom when she was my age". A physical photo that will make them feel all the love that they felt back then, plus all that excess love that comes with a deeper understanding of life. You know that photo that I'm talking about. Everybody has at least one. I want to give you something that's raw and authentic, because really, those are the most emotionally connected photos; the photos that will truly span the test of time.

In my (almost) 30 years, most of what I have learned really boils down to two big things:



Some are big. Some are small. Some are good. Some are not. Some are predictable and some seem to come out of nowhere. Moments in life are diverse and widespread, but they all have one thing in common;



2: Life is work and it's worth working hard, but there is little point of all that effort if you can't take the time to enjoy it and be happy. So do that. Take the time to enjoy life and be happy.

And then, document your life so that you can hold that moment with you always.