10 on 10 - October 2015

Courtney Z Photography 10 on 10

We're back, another month and another 10 on 10. Before we dive into fall in the PNW though, make sure to check out all the other 10 on 10ers (links below). They're bound to have some good eye candy for you.

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For today's 10 on 10, I have a trio of fun things to showcase. (1) It's officially fall, and this year, it seems more like our summer has been extended a few months, just with a little more color. We have had beautiful weather which has made playing outside even more fun. (2) Add to that, we're lucky enough to get to have a slumber party with our niece every couple of weeks, and this year we took her out to a pumpkin patch. And (3), my bff, her hubby and my other favorite 2 year old came out as well so the kidos got to play and climb on things. There was lots of climbing.

I'll be the first to admit that I never thought hanging in a kid-filled pumpkin patch would be the highlight of a month. I find that kids often get more annoying as their numbers grow. Somehow though, it changes when you're with the kids you care about; when they aren't other people's kids, but some kind of branch of your life. I love watching this girl try new things and experience the world. There was one initial, nervous ride down the tube slide, and then she couldn't stop. I love watching her and my bff's son become friends and learn to trapse through corn maze holding hands. The fun part is watching them discover their own fun.

Anyway, this month, I give you pumpkin patching with my two favorite kids.