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10 on 10 - August 2015

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This past couple months has no joke, been a whirl wind. We've gone from a week on the Florida gulf (see last month's 10 on 10 post) to the most northern beach in Oregon in three days. We've had a sick puppy dog, two cases of mono (us, not the dog), and just moved sister Sydney up to Portland (yay!). ...and did I mention trying to fit work in there somehow? In the midst of all that, we also tried to fit in a week-long trip to our homeland, Wyoming.

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So back to Wyo. Nabil and I both grew up in central Wyoming. We love Oregon, but there is something about going back to visit the Wild West; a little tinge of nostalgia that stays in your gut whenever the word "Wyoming" is uttered. It's a place that gets in your soul and refuses to leave. When we go back to visit, we like to check some things off the list that we haven't done since we were younger or that we miss seeing/doing/being.

One of those things was hiking up to Medicine Bow Peak. There is a pass in south-central Wyoming that is one of the prettiest drives in the state, and when I was younger, my dad and I made a 9-mile trek across the top of the mountain. This visit I wanted to hike up to the top again with my dad and newly with the hubby. We took a shorter (but steeper) path up to the top. Nabil and I were more than a tad out of breath at the 12,000ft peak, as my 62-year old dad was all but running in circles around us. We had to make him stop again and again to grab the water bottles from his 20lb backpack. We carried nothing but ourselves. I like to blame the altitude, but at that point, the tinge of nostalgia was pushed aside by my thought of "how the hell did I do this when I was 9?!"

Nonetheless, we were very happy to reconnect with the mountains and with the past. There is something so grounding about being outside and finding something that not many choose to seek.


Thanks for the memories Wyo! As usual your scenery did not disappoint. If we missed seeing you this time, we hope to meet up with you next trip. :) 

Until next time...