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10 on 10 - May 2015

This year we have had the 10th fall on some pretty fun days which gives me the opportunity to change my mind about what I'm going to post at the last minute and to find a new, fun 10 on 10 project the afternoon before it needs to be posted. Before we get to that though, make sure to check out the other 10 on 10ers listed below. They always have something good in store and some good eye candy.

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A few month's ago

I posted 10 portraits of women

in celebration of International Women's Day. For May's 10 on 10, I realized (this week) that the 10th is Mother's Day! It seems only fitting that I use this as a day to celebrate a few of the mothers around me.

Over the last 2-3 years I've been fortunate enough to have some great friends who have become even better moms. I've been lucky enough to watch their kids grow from little bean sprouts to wobbly nuggets of curiosity. Through that time, I can say that my understanding of knowing that it is difficult it is to be a mom has grown ten-fold, while simultaneously knowing that my understanding of life as a mom is close to zilch.

From what I can gather, motherhood is at the very least, life unexpected. Most days, it seems like you're just hoping you don't royally mess up the little being that came into the world nothing short of perfect. That's a lot of pressure! Which is why we have Mother's Day. Today is the day to thank your mom for caring about the amount of sleep you get, for worrying about the kind of dye that goes into those fruit chews, and for making sure you have sunblock on any uncovered skin on a hot sunny day, even when you're 28...

To all my mother family/friends/neighbors, thank you for all that you do. It's easy to see that no one loves you like your own mom. Know that while it may not be said often, us kidos really appreciate all the love that you put into giving us the best life possible. I can unequivocally say being my mom was/is not easy. I'm stubborn and have a strong rebellious streak (sorry mom), but I can also say that I got my best personality traits from the perseverance and love of my mom.

With all that being said, this month's post is documenting some of the moms in my life (and a few of the neighbors to my friend that were out in their yard). Thank you all for being a part of my last minute, mom appreciation 10 on 10 post, but more importantly, thank you for being your own best mom. I was pretty quick in taking most of these photos, but it was so fun to see five different women and see how much they love their kids and how much their kids love them back. It's instantaneous and unmistakable.

I'm wishing these five ladies and all the other moms out there the best Mother's Day. ...and if you haven't yet, use this as your reminder to call you mom and say 'I love you'.

Until next time...