10 on 10 - March 2015

Hello and welcome to another 10 on 10! Before we divulge into our celebration of International Women's Day, make sure to check out the other 10 on 10ers' links below:

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I actually had another group of photos already snapped, edited and ready to post prior to this past weekend. They are a beautiful group of photos from a sunset at the Oregon coast with the hubs and the pups. I love them because we had such a great day spending time with one another and the weather couldn't have been any better. But then, my sister inspired me to post something for a greater cause.

While visiting Syd in Denver over this last weekend, she mentioned that she wanted to celebrate International Women's Day (March 8th) by taking some photos of her and me in Wash Park. We thought it would be a fun way to commemorate the day, and in a way to celebrate I. am. woman. (That's a joke, sort of). After stewing over when and where to take the photos, I had the spark of inspiration to include other women in the photo project as well. We expanded our shoot from two subjects to ten.

Normally when I approach these type of shoots, I have to prepare myself to hear more no's that yes's. People tend to be a little thrown when a stranger asks to take their photo; and to be honest, hearing a lot of no's can get disheartening. But all of these ladies proved me wrong. It was really amazing to talk to these women and to have every single on of them be willing to let me take their photo to post on my blog in support and celebration of them! I didn't hear one no!

I want to be clear that the point of this project is to celebrate women. I love that there is a day created to bring awareness to the differences between men and women and shed some light on how life can often be more challenging to be born with two X chromosomes. I whole heartedly believe that this is an important and necessary discussion to have and will hopefully lead to more gender equality around the world; however for this post, I want to focus on celebrating the beauty of women inside and out. To see our differences and embrace our uniqueness.

So without further ado (I'm almost done rambling), here is this month's 10 on 10. Ten photos of fifteen beautiful women out and about in Denver.

Thank you so much to all fifteen women who agreed to be in my project and have themselves photographed by a stranger. You are all beautiful and made this post much better than ten photos of an (albeit gorgeous) Oregon sunset.