You're getting married!


Being married is awesome, and planning a wedding is really exciting (albeit overwhelming). Engagement photos are a great way to get some photos of just the two of you doing your favorite things together.


Portland Wedding Photography

why do an e-session?


getting comfortable

It's true that being in front of a camera doesn't come easy. This is a chance do away with those butterflies before the big day.

your favorite things

Engagement sessions are a great time to document the things that you love to do together. We can get a drink and just have fun!

Portland Wedding Photographer
Portland Wedding Photography

take our time

More time means less pressure. Instead of having only 20 minutes (which is typical on a wedding day), we will have half a day.

just you two

...or sometimes three (dogs welcome). This is your opportunity to take some photos without all your guests vying for their two minutes with you.