the best way to preserve the BIG moments in your life


They are what gets passed down from generation to generation. Kids and families will flip through over holidays and reunions. Quite simply, they tell the full story of your day; all the details, family, and relationship.

All albums can be created with either a photo or fabric cover. Each album is individually designed to tell the best story. There are 3 types of albums offered:



Oregon Wedding Photographer


Timeless and Elegant


paramount album Details

These albums are the cream of the crop! The pages are THICK and beautiful. The gutter (center gap) is  non-existent, allowing for large, beautiful spreads. These albums are perfect for the once in a lifetime events; you know, like a wedding! Covers come in a variety of options and can be customized with a photo cut-out, de-bossed lettering, and more.


14x14; 40 pages (20 spreads): $2,750
extra spread: $90

12x12 or 11x14; 40 pages (20 spreads): $2,000
extra spread: $60


Wedding Album

PRIME Albums

Bold and Beautiful


prime album Details

The sample photos shown above and below are personal, travel photos for a reason. I LOVE these albums and use them for our favorite life experiences. They are made using high-quality photo paper, come in both medium and thin page options, and have a variety of cover options. 


12x12 or 9x12; 40 pages (20 spreads): $1,500
extra spread: $50

10x10 or 8x10; 40 pages (20 spreads): $1,100
extra spread: $40


Lovely Album-1.jpg


sleek and simple


lovely Details

These albums are an amazing, slender option to preserve your memories. All pages are printed using deep matte, photo paper (no fingerprints, no glare).


10x10; 40 pages (20 spreads): $850
extra spread: $30